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Monday, March 20 marks exactly 10 weeks until the BolderBOULDER 10k on Memorial. Even if you haven’t gotten in much running yet this season you still have plenty of time to maximize your Spring training to get the most out of your next BolderBOULDER. First, set a personal goal that you can achieve, whether it’s to run the whole thing or run your fastest race yet.

Following are some great ways to get in great shape and stay healthy for you to run a great race.

Start with new running shoes

Have you been running in the same shoes for the last year? Do they have grass stains from mowing the lawn in them? Are you starting to feel “flat” on your runs? It is time to get a new pair of shoes. Be sure to visit in with one of our local specialty running stores, Fleet Feet Sports, Flatirons Running or Runners Roost and they can fit you into a shoe that is right for you. New shoes will help keep overuse injuries at bay and will likely give your stride a little more pep.

Join a running group

Revolution Running just started its Spring program this week and still have some spots available. Run with a pace group with peers of your same speed, and lead by experienced coaches. They have training groups in Boulder, Longmont, Littleton, Denver, Erie and Fort Collins.

Follow a plan

The BolderBOULDER is offering a 10 week training calendar with workouts on its website. You can also get tips from the BolderBOULDER each week leading up to the race on training, nutrition, hydration, and race day strategy on their facebook page. Share your training stories by using the hashtag #TrainBOLDER

Dash & Dine

Use the Dash & Dine Run series in your training program. Each week is designed to support runners of all abilities to run a faster BolderBOULDER. Each week there will a FREE warm up lead by a coach, and a workout for those who don’t want to race the entire distance or stick with their training.

Cross train

Be sure to work in an incredible hour of  high intensity interval workouts with Orangetheory Fitness will be sure to get your body ready for the BolderBoulder or any future race! Dash & Dine participants are eligible to take advantage of a special package: When you purchase an Orangetheory Fitness basic membership (4 classes for $59), show them your registration receipt for the Dash & Dine 5k, you will get 2 classes for FREE! You can use these 6 classes any time between April 11 and Memorial Day to help kick your spring training into high gear. The offer is good for all non-current members.

Recover and treat injuries

Recovery is so important as you start into any new program, or as we become fatigued by longer ones EG, working towards marathon goals. You can keep some injuries away by applying some self care with massage tools like ROLL Recovery‘s R8 or R3 tools.

The Fixt Movement offers professional grade recovery tools to the everyday athlete. Visit The Recovery Lab, a state of the art sports recovery and injury prevention center, offers many instruments with infrared technology which is great for recovery, pain relief, detox, cellular energy production, reduction in inflammation, and increase in circulation. Tools include, cold laser, an inversion table, and featuring their infrared hot sauna. Ask the practitioners about your injuries and find a fix, and you can also book a massage with therapists who understand how to keep athletes healthy.

Fixt Movement offers a first month special $30 for 30 days and a $49 first massage.

Find more tips on how to train for the BolderBOULDER in Mike Sandrock’s column in the Daily Camera.