New Warm-up Coach – Luis Hernandez

We will miss our previous year’s warm-up coach Matt Hill, this season of the Dash & Dine, but happy to announce a new Revolution Warm-up Coach, Luis Hernandez. Each week at 6pm, Luis will lead you through an easy warm up jog and some warm up drills to get you ready to race! Its free […]

Bolder Boulder qualifying race Dash n Dine 5k

BolderBOULDER training – Week 4

With 50,000+ runners towing the line on Memorial Day it can feel overwhelming, which is why they implemented the Wave start long ago. Qualifying for a wave becomes a right of Spring as much as your finish time at the race. The first 31 waves are reserved for runners who finish faster than 68 minutes. But […]

Rev Running coach Matt Hill leads the free warmup before each Dash & Dine

BolderBoulder Training – Week 3

Now that we are a few weeks into our training its time to take a look at ways to avoid injuries as we start to build some volume. Dr. Michael Morrison of Red Hammer Rehab talks to The Denver Channel about the importance of a good dynamic warm up before our run instead of the […]

Happy Runners at the Dash and Dine 5k in Boulder

BolderBoulder Training – Week 2

Now 9 weeks until the 40th running of the BolderBOULDER 10k, the Denver Channel reveals some of the benefits of running. For starters, there’s improved cardiovascular fitness. Burning extra calories on your run help to manage your weight, which is why many people start to begin with. Running also increases your endorphins helping you reduce […]

Dash & Dine 5k

BolderBoulder Training – Week 1

It’s the first day of Spring and we are now 10 weeks until the 40th running of the BolderBOULDER 10k on Memorial Day and there are lots of great ways to get yourself ready to have a great race. Our training partner Revolution Running kicks off its Spring training program this week. They offer multiple […]

Winter Running Tips

Winter Running Tips

Finally, some snow! Can we celebrate the coming of winter now? Running in winter is easier than you think. But running outside in the cold and slippery conditions can be daunting. All you need are a few key strategies and a firm running goal, and you’ll be running in any kind of weather. Check out few […]

Report of the Race

Now that we’ve completed Dash & Dine #1, here is my race report. Mine might be different than the usual race report (as if anyone else went home to write in their Dash & Dine diary). Easy. I signed up a long time ago so all I needed to do was pick up my bib. […]

Tempo Runs can help Bolder Boulder wave qualifiers

By Mike Sandrock for the Daily Camera While only one runner out there is going to win the Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10K —- and no, it is likely not going to be me or you —- the rest of us can “win” by reaching our own personal goals that provide a sense of satisfaction […]

5k race in Boulder, CO

Preparing for the Dash and Dine

I’m in Utah somewhere in between nowhere and somewhere. I was sitting at the only coffee shop for miles (that resides in someone’s house) when a climber asked me “Are you a runner?” I paused and said “Yes.” For some reason I felt the need to add that I usually self identify as a mountain biker, […]

10 weeks to BolderBOULDER

Monday, March 20 marks exactly 10 weeks until the BolderBOULDER 10k on Memorial. Even if you haven’t gotten in much running yet this season you still have plenty of time to maximize your Spring training to get the most out of your next BolderBOULDER. First, set a personal goal that you can achieve, whether it’s […]