Corona Virus Update and Risk Minimization Plan

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Hello, friends,
It can be a bit overwhelming with all of the news of the ongoing closures and cancellations of public events in order to further prevent the spreading of this virus. 

We are closely monitoring updates from the Colorado CDC and City of Boulder and continue to seek guidance from these agencies and public health officials. 

As of this writing, we have every intention of running in April and May, but will be considering options and contingency plans through the next few weeks as news and guidance changes.

We will always put the health and safety of our participants first and foremost and will be vigilant in weighing the options of our participant’s safety as we host a wide age range of runners. 

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know some initial thoughts.

I read a great quote and I will use it here: “Wellness starts with ‘we’”. This race is what it is because of its community of runners. Let’s care for one another in these times of higher stress.

  • If you are feeling under the weather at all, we would advise you to stay home. We will transfer your registration to another day. No charge.
  • It’s high allergy and virus season, We get that, so we just ask, that if you do find that you have to sneeze or cough, please try and aim away from others and cover the best as possible. Again, if you are actively coughing or sneezing, before the event, then please stay home.
  • Bring your own water bottle. This will not only help not spread any germs but will lessen the impact of our event.

How our team plans on lessening the impact:

  • The good news is our event is outside. But there are times when participants will be in closer proximity. Our aim will be to only gather in close proximity for the shortest amount of time during registration/packet pickup, the start line, and post-race activities. 
  • Startline: Feel free to stage yourself. Our event is chip timed which means you can start whenever. If you would like to take a few minutes to start the race, feel free to do so.
  • We will have hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations available around registration and expo areas.
  • No high fives at the finish line. This will be a bummer, but we will celebrate your accomplishments in other ways.
  • Food service
    • While we aim to reduce our footprint with waste, you may see more single-serving products available for our dinner or snacks.
    • Our servers always wear gloves while serving.
    • We always have single-use, eco-friendly flatware, and compostable cups.
  • No-touch zones. We plan on having extra volunteers with gloves to help hand out snacks and fill cups and water bottles. Our goal is to make sure you don’t touch anything with your bare hands that other runners may also touch.
  • Again, there will be hand sanitizer or wash stations available for places this may be unavoidable. EG race day registration.
    • Pro Tip: Plan ahead and register online before the race to avoid that exchange.

Registration Guarantee – Our promise to you

  • If you pre-register and choose not to run with us, for whatever reason, we have always offered the opportunity to run with us another week. 
  • If we have to cancel one of the races, then again, registration will be applied to another week.
  • If the series has to be canceled, then you will have the option to ask for a refund or keep that registration for the following series – more to follow.
  • 4 and 6 pack registrations will be addressed individually as the season plays out.

Final Thoughts

This plan is still being developed and may evolve as these weeks progress and we will keep you informed. Please feel free to email me at with questions or ideas.

We will see you soon!