Event Cancellation Notice

From the Race Director – Todd Straka

Everyone, I was very disappointed to have to cancel our second Dash & Dine series in the last hour on Tuesday, April 17 due to high winds and the power going out at the Boulder Reservoir from a downed power line. There were reports of dust storms, windows being blown out and we decided for the safety of our runners, partners and all who contribute, to keep them safe at home. And we apologize for any inconvenience in your planning.

We are currently working on a make up date if possible.

If you were Pre-Registered just for Dash & Dine #2, there are options: We are happy to move your registration to another date of the series and if you are unable to make it, we would be happy to gift that registration to a friend or family. You can use this Google form to request a date change. Again, this is only if you had pre-registered specifically for race #2.

If you have purchased a 4 pack registration, and have not yet picked up your bib, your bib will be ready for you at any of the next events.

If you have purchased a 4 or 6 pack registration and have your bib from week 1, then just bring it to the next event and you are ready to race.

Remaining dates:

We had some wonderful food ready from our partner Savory Cuisines Catering, which we decided to donate to ARC North Boulder Homeless Shelter so they can enjoy a great meal. They will be joining us again next week, so you will also get to enjoy.

Reach out with questions any time and looking forward to hosting you again!!

Ready to join the fun?

Dash & Dine 5k run series at the Boulder Reservoir. Tuesday nights in May. The perfect BolderBoulder qualifier.

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