Dash & Dine point series leaders – so far

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After the first three Dash & Dine races we have our series standings posted and here are the results for the top performers so far. Points are given based on finish placement for men and women in each category; Open Men and Women, Masters Men and Women and Youth Men and Women. 20 points are awarded for 1st place in each category and go down from there for the top 20 finishes. Points from a runner’s best 4 races are counted so there is still plenty of time to earn those points.

Overall Male & Female


Brice Young (58 points)
Scott Pearson (51)
Luke Gulbrand  (49)


Laura Johnson (50)
Mhairi Inglis (38)
Danielle Hiilson (30)

Masters Men & Women


Kreighton Bieger (46)
Thomas David Kehoe (36)
Shane Brown (34)


Nuta Olaru  (60)
Robin Swift (48)
Jan Vermilye (42)

Youth 19 and under


Boden Wrenn (36)
Keegan Golden (20)
Nicholas Jacobi (20)


Lillie Anthony (55)
Marist Wrenn (38)
Gabrielle Glime (20)


See you next week on Tuesday May 9!