Truest Kvass 5k Challenge

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The Dash & Dine 5k is excited to partner with new local brand Truest and presents the Truest Kvass 5k Challenge.

Kvass is a raw, naturally-fermented tonic that harnesses the power of red beets and the lacto-fermentation process to unleash amazing health benefits. Originating in eastern Europe, the TRUEST Premium Kvass recipe has been used for centuries as a tonic to detoxify the blood, liver, and kidneys, to improve mental clarity, to fight cancer, and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and is made right here in Boulder.

Take the Truest Kvoss 5k challenge at the Dash & Dine 5k

Train harder, run faster…here’s how:

  • Beet kvass is loaded with nitrates that increase oxygen flow to improve muscle efficiency, allowing athletes to exercise at a higher power output and running speed. Increased oxygenation is the body’s key to producing more energy.
  • High in electrolytes, kvass assists hydration and prevents muscle cramping.
  • Kvass contains powerful phytonutrients called betalains that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, thus speeding post-workout muscle recovery.


Three lucky people will receive a daily supply of Kvass in order to feel the difference for themselves through the race series supporting your best race!

After you have signed up for the Dash & Dine 5k, visit the Truest Kvass Challenge page to enter the lottery. You may be one of the lucky winners!

Try some at the Dash & Dine 5k run series and pick some up at Lucky’s in Longmont and Boulder, Lolita’s and the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

Learn more about Truest Kvass at their website