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Finally, some snow! Can we celebrate the coming of winter now?

Running in winter is easier than you think. But running outside in the cold and slippery conditions can be daunting. All you need are a few key strategies and a firm running goal, and you’ll be running in any kind of weather.

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Run During Light and Warmer Times of Day

If possible, run during daylight hours so you can absorb that needed sunshine we rarely get in the winter. You’ll get your miles in during the warmest time of day and come back with a smile on your face.

Run With a Buddy or Group

Make your workouts safe and social. You’ll have a built in motivational source, a friend to chat with along the way and it is safer to run in numbers. Running with others (or pets) is a great way to beat the winter doldrums. If that’s not enough motivation, reward yourself with a fun race destination like Arizona, Florida or even Mexico.

Gear Up

Wear trail shoes or a traction device like Yak Trax. They will give you better traction and stability in the snow.

Note: Avoid wearing the Yak Trax indoors or on roads without snow. They’re portable enough to keep them in your pocket until you hit the snow.

Snow Running - shoe traction like Yaktrax help keep you upright in the ice and snow.
Shoe traction like Yaktrax help keep you upright in the ice and snow.

Dress Appropriately and bring layers

Over-dressing is easy to do in winter running. Dressing for 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it actually is will allow your body temperature to increase and reduce the risk of overheating and excessive sweat. You should feel chilled when you walk out the door. If you are toasty warm, remove a layer. Less is more.

Dash & Dine 5k Race Director Todd Straka adds, “Unless its reaaallly cold, then that warmth can go away quickly. A mildly cold day can turn bitter quickly as the sun goes behind a cloud or the mountains. Extremities like your fingers, toes, ears and nose can quickly become uncomfortable and frozen since all the blood is in in your legs and core. Just make sure to have some good gloves, a warm hat and a few simple layers. I run most days, even close to 0°, with a long sleeve, windbreaker, and tights. As long as my ears are covered, I don’t mind the beardcicles”.

Basically be prepared. 


Winter running in the cold - just be prepared. Ice Beard
Seeing how big my Ice Beard can grow on a winter run is one of the pleasures of getting outside when its cold.

Take in the scenery

Winter running provides for some excellent light and scenery that is beautiful to be among. Bring your phone or camera along with you and capture the moments!

Take in the scenery while running this winter

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